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Written by: KSneijders (MrKirby)

What is the Parser used for?

When working with scenarios you might have had to do some repetitive tasks many times. Some common examples are: placing units in a grid, copying triggers for all players or creating many similar effects. These sorts of problems can easily be done using a programming language!

It's also a perfect tool to be able to tweak your minigames or maps. Let's say you have a minigame where you get 10 gold for each unit you kill. And later you find out, it's quite over powered, so you want to change all effects to 5 gold per unit. If you used the parser to setup all triggers and effects and you had a variable like: gold_per_unit = 10 you can just change it to 5, rerun the code and you fixed it in one go!

The parser works by reading a scenario file, and converting it to objects in the programming language Python3. You can then use the functions available to easily add or change things in the scenario. A couple example functions: add_unit, add_trigger, copy_trigger_per_player and many, many more!

Check out the official AoE2ScenarioParser documentation for the most up-to-date installation guide and how to get started!

Python Installation

For the most up-to-date installation guide, you should check out the official AoE2ScenarioParser docs.

Which can be found here.

You can install the project using pip:

pip install AoE2ScenarioParser

If you don't know what pip is, you can read about it in their documentation